Community Engagement Services RFQ 2024

Community Engagement Services 2024 RFQ

We're looking for community engagement professionals to perform a variety of community engagement, facilitation, and/or training.

Qualifications are due Thursday, December 21, at 5 PM. 

If you are interested in this funding opportunity, please share your information on this Interest Form. We will use this list to share updates for this funding opportunity (such as when the recording and questions are posted online), as well as future funding and related training opportunities.


To learn more, here are the slides and recording (56 min.) from our Interest Session on November 29, 2023, and a Question and Answer document

Consulte nuestra Solicitud de Calificaciones de Servicios de Participación Comunitaria en español: haga clic aquí

Services We're Looking For: 

  • Community Educational Program Coordination  
  • Community Course Facilitation Services
  • Healing Circles 
  • Community Engagement Consulting and Organizing  
  • Technical Assistance and Support 
  • Community Leaders Pilot 
  • Improving Engagement with Spanish-Speaking Residents 
  • Community Data Analysis 

See below for Important Communities for Engagement

Services We're Looking For 

The City is looking for people and organizations to perform the following work: 

Scope A: Community Educational Program Coordination

Provide effective skill-building services and manage impactful training that meets program goals.

Scope B: Community Course Facilitation Services  

  • Provide educational and skill-building opportunities to community members.
  • Coordinate support for students and help programming run effectively.
  • Work in partnership with educational institutions and City staff.

Scope C: Healing Circles 

  • Plan and organize culturally sensitive, trauma-informed Healing Circles for community members.
  • Train community members on how to use Healing Circles in their communities.

Scope D: Community Engagement Consultant and Organizing Services  

Provide effective communication, outreach, engagement, and organizing services with underrepresented communities. 

Scope E: Technical Assistance and Support  

Help leaders and emerging groups from underrepresented communities in the following work:   

  1. Develop leadership teams
  2. Evaluate Needs
  3. Develop and Implement Plans
  4. Increase Partnerships
  5. Evaluate Effectiveness

Scope F: Community Leaders Pilot  

  • Provide community engagement and relationship-building opportunities.
  • Recruit and support community leaders in low-wealth communities.

Scope G: Improving Engagement with Spanish-Speaking Residents 

Advise City staff and plan effective communication, outreach, and engagement with Spanish-speaking communities. 

Scope H: Community Data Analysis  

Help with qualitative analysis of community conversations.  


Please mark your calendar with the important date:

Deadline to Submit Qualifications: Thursday, December 21, 2023 at 5:00 PM

Interest Form:

Website: Community Engagement Services RFQ 2024 - City of Durham NIS Community Engagement (

RFQ posting: Bid Postings • Durham, NC • CivicEngage (


Important Communities for Engagement  

We are especially looking for people and organizations to engage and educate communities that are underrepresented in City engagement and decision-making.  

“Underrepresented Communities” refer to communities which include: 

  • people of color, 
  • people of low wealth, 
  • people with disabilities, 
  • youth (ages 24 years old and younger), 
  • people with limited English language skills, 
  • people who identify as LGBTQ, 
  • immigrants and refugees,  
  • renters, and/or 
  • other groups that are most likely to be negatively impacted by community changes and/or development 

These communities are located throughout Durham, including the locations listed below. (Note: This list is not a complete list of communities. NIS will consider responses related to engaging other neighborhoods or communities.)    

North Central Durham  

  • Bragtown, Oxford Commons, East Club Blvd., Club Boulevard DHA  
  • Oxford Manor, Old Oxford Rd., E. Carver St., Dearborn Dr., N. Roxboro Rd., Preiss-Steele Place 
  • Old Farm Rd., JFK Towers  

East – Central Durham  

  • Edgemont, Holloway St., E. Main St., S. Dillard St., Liberty St., Durham Hosiery Mill, Calvert Place, Lovett Square 
  • Eastway, Franklin Village, Old East Durham, Hoover Road, Alston Ave., Driver St.   
  • Wellons Village, Hardee St., Cheek Rd., N. Miami Blvd., Sherwood Park, Naples Terrace, Oakley Square, Cambridge Village 
  • Bentwood, Birchwood Heights, Pendleton Townhomes 

South / Southeast Durham 

  • McDougald Terrace, Durham Tech, Lawson St.   
  • Weaver St., Cornwallis Rd., The Ivy Commons  
  • Hillside High, Campus Hills, Cook Rd., Lakeside Gardens  
  • Hwy 55/54, Savannah Place 

West / Southwest Durham:  

  • S. Duke St., JJ Henderson Towers, Morehead Hill Apts.  
  • West End, W. Chapel Hill St., Morehead Ave., Lakewood  
  • Crest Street, Morreene Road, Duke Manor, Damar Court  
  • Shannon Plaza (Garrett Rd.), Wellington Place