Community Engagement is a division of the Neighborhood Improvement Services Department.  The City of Durham’s Neighborhood Improvement Services Department (NIS) works to preserve and improve quality of life conditions for Durham residents.  NIS encourages active participation in decision making dialogue, public policy, and neighborhood redevelopment. 

Community engagement is a people-focused process that increases the collective financial and human capacity of neighborhoods to improve the quality of life for the individuals who live, work and play there. Community building includes incremental and measurable projects, programs and activities that lead to positive, long-term, systemic change.
The Community Engagement Division strives to inform, engage, and partner with the Durham community.
  • To inform community, we provide residents, community organizations and other stakeholders with information on programs and services.
  • To engage community, we provide the community with avenues that allow them to get involved in civic activities.
  • To partner with the community, we collaborate with residents, community organizations, and other stakeholders to seek financial, and other resources to improve the quality of life for all residents.

We inform, engage and partner through these programs: 


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In the Neighborhood Improvement Services Department, the other teams are:

Code Enforcement

  • Enforcement of the minimum housing code; nonresidential code; weedy lot, junk and debris, unsafe building, and abandoned vehicle ordinances

Human Relations

  • Working to eliminate discrimination in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodations
  • Prioritize community outreach and educational activities to meet the needs of our citizens

Impact Team

  • Remediate non-compliant housing properties
  • Abate public nuisances, such as litter, graffiti, illegal dumping, and abandoned shopping carts
  • Conduct neighborhood service projects

You can read more at the City of Durham Website.