A group of women from the Hispanic community came together to learn Tenango Embroidery. The participants are from different countries and came together to learn more about Mexican culture, through learning this beautiful and traditional embroidery. During this experience, the group developed a sense of belonging to the community, sharing their experiences. They said it was also a time to disconnect from their problems of the day and focus on something that brings them happiness. Their sense of creativity was also strengthened and now not only do they know something new, but they are friends and hope to continue learning new things together. 



The group of 10 women from the Hispanic/Latina community who had been winners of the Mini Matching Grants awarded by the Department of Neighborhood Improvement Services for levels 1 and 2 last year, once again applied and were the winners to learn Level 3 of the sewing and tailoring course that was carried out during December, January, and February. On this occasion, the ladies learned to create dresses and pants, and although it was not an easy task, they managed to make the best outfits that many wore in the photos.



Young Leaders in Action is a group of young people from the Hispanic/Latino community interested in learning to be leaders through the organization of events that support families in greatest need, they learned more about empathy, solidarity, and teamwork, diversity, respect etc. They achieved several projects thanks to the Mini Matching Grant provided by Neighborhood Improvement Services, from collecting perishable and non-perishable products and donating them, to the importance of caring for the environment through the clothing swap activity they organized. 



The City of Durham’s community engagement grant supported 15 Afghan women to participate in sewing sessions. The events aimed at skill-building and mutual support. Participants received fabric, tools, and childcare assistance, contributing to a creative and supportive crafting and social experience.


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