NIS Director Constance Stancil [email protected]
NIS Assistant Director Faith Gardner [email protected]
NIS Assistant Director James Davis [email protected]


Community Engagement Team- 919-560-1647

Community Engagement Manager Lynwood Best [email protected] Ext. 35254
District 1 Coordinator Jennie Belle [email protected] Ext. 34245
District 2 Coordinator Miles Spann [email protected] Ext. 34289
Latino Community Engagement & District 3 Coordinator Open Open Open
District 4 & 5 Coordinator Kevin Jones [email protected] Ext. 34266
Equitable Community Engagement Strategist Laura Biediger [email protected] Ext. 34259
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Tannu Gupta [email protected] Ext. 34246
Community Strategic Planner Alexis John [email protected] Ext. 34252
Refugee & Immigrant Affairs Strategist
Open Open Open

Don't know your district? Enter your address here to look it up.


To contact other teams within Neighborhood Improvement Services call 919-560-1647 or find the specific staff person's contact information in the directory. 

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