Learn about the RFQ for Community Engagement Services due December 21, 2023. 

Purpose of RFQs

RFQ = Request for Qualifications 

The City seeks to establish a general pool of community engagement professionals. The City will contract with these individuals and organizations to perform a variety of community engagement, facilitation, and/or training, as stated in the RFQ. This on-call list will be available to any City Department. 

These services aim to build stronger communities where underrepresented residents have the power to influence the policies and decisions that impact their communities.   

We encourage people and community organizations representing Durham’s underserved and/or underrepresented persons to apply.  You must be willing and able to engage groups in effective information-gathering and decision-making processes. You should also have experience planning and managing community outreach, engagement, group facilitation, or training.

Please fill out this Interest Form to receive updates on our funding opportunities. 


Past Request for Qualifications

January 2023 Request for Qualifications (includes slides and recording from Interest Sessions and our Question and Answer document)