Introducing: Be Heard Durham


Be Heard Durham is an online platform and portal that collects and amplifies voices of historically underrepresented communities to shape City decision-making and lead to positive change. Click here to visit the Portal!




The Community Engagement Team is using Cortico to provide a process and technology that invites, records, and shares community experiences, especially for those who have been historically underserved and underrepresented. 

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The tool supports community members' ability to influence City decision-making. It removes some barriers to equitable community engagement by amplifying the voices of residents who tend to shy away from large community forums, decline to take surveys or prefer to share thoughts and ideas in small group settings amongst peers. 

We continue to add conversations to the database. In the meantime, see a few highlights from our discussions below. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to receive the latest updates.

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 "So you do know this is broken. But addressing broken things takes courage, and it takes the strength of character to say, easy solutions are not going to give us the improvements and address the real concerns that we need to have addressed."

~Rev. Solomon Missouri  

Photo Credit: Miles Spann



Community Conversations: Highlights


Pilot Participants


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Ganyard Farms

Legacy and Emerging Businesses

Lyon Park

Merrick Moore

Persons with Disabilities

Southeast Durham




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