The City of Durham Department of Neighborhood Improvement Services and the North Carolina Central University are partnering to offer the Community Partner Development Course Certificate Program 

  • Vision: Course participants are prepared to lead engagement that results in the changes communities want to see.  
  • Mission: The City of Durham and NCCU work together to invest in ongoing education and relationships with communities, who have been harmed by decision-making processes. 

Who is this course forCurrent and future community leaders 

Goal of the coursePrepare course participants to lead engagement that results in the changes communities want to see.  

What will the course cover? 4 Modules: 

  • - Role of Community Partners in Equitable Community Engagement
  • - How to build strong community groups
  • - How to partner with the City for engagement
  • - How to access funding to support engagement

More information about the Course: 

  • - 12 Classes (3 hours each)
  • - Held 2nd & 4th Mondays, March-August 2023
  • - Held mostly online 
  • - For City of Durham and/or Durham County residents
  • - Free to course participants. Funded by the City of Durham ARPA.  

Course CoFacilitators: 

Staff Support:

  • - Clayton Mack, NCCU Division of Extended Studies
  • - Delta Farrington, City of Durham Neighborhood Improvement Services Department 
  • - Laura Biediger, City of Durham Neighborhood Improvement Services Department 

Learn about the 12 students in our inaugural 2022 class.

More Information about the Course

  • - This 12-week Course supports the needs of our region by establishing a structured relationship for effectively involving the community in decision making, problem solving, and continuous improvement through information sharing, collaboration, and partnerships. 
  • - We seek to assemble a diverse group of participants and class environment that is as accessible and inclusive as possible. 


The 2024 Community Partners Development Course Certificate Program is scheduled to take place in March 2024. Aspiring participants should take note that the application process will begin in January or February. The exact dates will be announced soon, so it is essential to stay tuned for further updates. 


If interested, Please submit your information to the Interest form.


For more information, contact Delta Farrington at [email protected]