The Racial Equity Institute Presents “A Groundwater Approach to Racial Equity”

The Racial Equity Institute Presents “A Groundwater Approach to Racial Equity”

Sponsored by Durham County

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When: May 23, 2019, 12:30pm - 3:30 pm.

Where: Marriott at Research Triangle Park, 4700 Guardian Drive, Durham, NC 27703.  (919) 941-6200.  Free parking.

What: In the three-hour Groundwater Approach session, trainers use data and stories from a variety of sources to demonstrate the ongoing and pervasive impact of race. This research-based presentation focuses on the following six points that are essential to understanding the realities of systemic racism as a predictor of outcomes in all institutions.

  1. Racial inequity looks the same across systems.
  2. Socio-economic difference does not explain the racial inequity.
  3. Systems contribute significantly to disparities.
  4. The systems-level disparities cannot be explained by a few ‘bad apples’ or ill-intentioned gatekeepers.
  5. Poor outcomes are concentrated in certain geographic communities; usually poor communities and communities of color.
  6. An analysis that includes race often draws starkly different conclusions than one that does not.

Cost: Free. 

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