The PAC3 Lynwood Best Award

The PAC3 Lynwood Best Award

At the April PAC 3 meeting, the PAC 3 Executive Committee presented the 2018 Lynwood Best Award to Conni Rivers. 

As an active member of PAC3 for more than 10 years, including serving on as co-facilitator and on the Executive Committee, Conni has worked tirelessly to make District 3 a stronger, safer community.

She has also been involved with the Falconbridge Community, the Court Watch Program, and the UNC Women's Hospital Beacon Program. 

In 2014 the PAC 3 Executive Committee initiated the "Lynwood Best Award"—named in honor of our first recipient—to recognize residents of District 3 or City Employees who have consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership, service, and dedication in promoting the goals of PAC3. Other recipients include Mindy Solie, Captain David Addison, and Ethel Simonetti. 

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