Durham Debuts New Pavement Condition Map

Durham Debuts New Pavement Condition Map

Map Shows Most Recent Pavement Condition Rating of City-Maintained Streets

DURHAM, N.C. – Wondering how the pavement on your neighborhood street ranks? There’s now an online map for that.

The City of Durham Public Works Department has compiled a new map displaying the 2018 pavement condition index (PCI) rating of 780 miles of City-maintained streets. The map, now available on the City’s website, is searchable by street name. A report by the department summarizing the condition of Durham’s streets is also available on the City’s website

A PCI study is generally performed every four-to-five years to assess the condition of streets and develop pavement repair recommendations. The PCI ratings range from 0-100, with zero representing very poor pavement conditions and 100 being a newly paved street. These PCI ratings, in combination with other data, field investigations and engineering judgment, will now be used to develop the City’s annual asphalt maintenance program

Last year, the City’s Public Works Department hired Data Transfer Solutions, LLC (DTS) to conduct the study of City-maintained streets, which involved driving a van with specialized equipment along the streets to measure defects. DTS used this data, along with the American Society for Testing and Materials Standard (ASTM), for determining a PCI rating for each street segment.

According to Public Works Director Marvin Williams, his department recently switched to a new pavement preservation strategy where the focus is on keeping streets that are in good condition from deteriorating any further. “Residents will see a variety of asphalt maintenance applications used on their streets, which will look very different from what they are used to seeing, but will begin to improve our overall pavement condition while requiring less money to do so,” Williams said. “Each year in our annual resident satisfaction survey, the condition of City-maintained streets is always a top priority for our residents and our goal with this new strategy is to address those concerns and keep our neighborhood streets in the best shape possible for as long as possible.”

For more information about the department’s new pavement preservation strategy, review their frequently asked questions, watch the May 27th Bull City Today segment, or contact Senior Engineer Clint Blackburn with the City’s Public Works Department at (919) 560-4326, ext. 30245 or by email

About the City of Durham Public Works Department

The City of Durham Public Works Department provides a wide range of services, including street maintenance, engineering design, development review, and stormwater quality and infrastructure maintenance. The department plans and executes the City’s winter weather and natural disaster plans. The department ensures that Durham’s street infrastructure is safe and well maintained, which supports the quality of life and serves as a foundation of a healthy economy. As guided by the City’s Strategic Plan, the department serves as a steward of the City’s physical and environmental assets and ensures that residents live in a safe, secure, and thriving community.