February 2019 Neighbor Spotlight Tony Simpson

January 2019 Neighbor Spotlight Virginia Williams

Congratulations to Virginia Williams! She is the City of Durham’s Neighbor Spotlight for January 2019. Ms. Williams was recognized for her work in the JJ Henderson Community, where she has lived since 1999. She has been active in Durham activism for decades and was one of the Royal 7 who conducted a sit-in in Durham during the Civil Rights Movement.

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December 2018 Neighbor Spotlight Mary Ann Cobbs

November 2018 Neighbor Spotlight Charlitta E. Burruss

Octubre de 2018 La Luz Publica Victor Vázquez Luna

September 2018 Neighbor Spotlight Rita Vanags

August 2018 Neighbor Spotlight Gina Chung

June 2018 Neighbor Spotlight Estella Bell

May 2018 Neighbor Spotlight Marcella Scurlock-Jones

Pictured below with her neighbor, her brother and a family friend

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April 2018 Neighbor Spotlight- Lisa Richmond