Our Community Stories: Recap

In December 2020, we revisited our past Community Stories.


  • Anthony Patterson
  • Audrey Mitchell
  • Constance Wright
  • Denise Hester
  • Ed Cvelich
  • Jean Brandon
  • Ronald Yarborough
  • Tommy Long
  • Vannessa Mason Evans

We revisited Walltown, West End, Braggtown, Crest Street, and Hayti. We heard from a few new voices, and checked-in with the some of the neighbors we've talked to over the last five months. 

Check out the recording on YouTube: https://youtu.be/_EoOzPewDws

Other resources: Interview with Constance Walker for the Durham History Museum: https://soundcloud.com/durhamhistory/walker-constance-2-18-2019-114122-am

To see other past recordings and RSVP for future events, visit Our Community Stories.


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