National Night Out at the Gardens

National Night Out at the Gardens

Albright Celebrates PAC, Community and a Re-Designed Open Space

Community news submitted by Gwyn Silver, Albright Open Space Re-Design Project Coordinator

FIRST PHOTO:  At start of NNO with Pastor Wilhelm of The Shepherd’s Flock Baptist Church taking the selfie.  SECOND PHOTO: Albright President Mrs. Dorothy Kelly with District 1 Police Officers  –Photos courtesy of Jesse Gibson

ALBRIGHT COMMUNITY – Celebrating not only National Night Out, but also the 25th anniversary of the creation of Partners Against Crime (PAC), Albright residents and friends came out in numbers for the occasion.  The increase in Hispanic families that attended was inspiring as this population is the largest in Albright.  An estimated 75 people (ages 0 to over 80) filled the lot know as the Albright Garden with laughter, good food, and pride in a community that is one of seven that came together to create PAC. 

For Association President Dorothy Kelly, the occasion was bittersweet.  The Albright Open Space Re-Design Team had completed most of the work to transform the garden to a place for use by the Durham Community.  Team members put in 300 volunteer hours under the City’s Neighborhood Matching Grant (NMG) and, to date, about 475 volunteer hours under the Durham Open Space and Trails (DOST) Grant.  Work included adding a walking trail, fencing, shade sails, memorial statute, and flowers. 

Project grants totalled $7,192 (NMG--$2,500, KDB--$500; DOST--$4,197), included over 16 partners (including Shepherd’s Flock), matching donations of $3,260, and a sculpture from Duke valued at $1,239.  Additional grants are being sought to enhance the work with a dedication to Mrs. Kelly’s husband, Mr. Junior Kelly at next year’s NNO.  Mr. Kelly died October 2017 after a brief illness.  It was the first time in over 62 years that the Kellys were not a couple for a major celebration.

Mr. Kelly devoted so much time at the garden tilling the soil, planting seeds, and harvesting vegetables.  After the team ended a build day, he would always say, “You’re doing a good job at the garden.”  We believe he celebrated National Night Out with us.