Ideas and Conversations Equal Participatory Budgeting

Ideas and Conversations Equal Participatory Budgeting

After working through the idea collection, brainstorming and project development phases, Participatory Budgeting, PB Durham, will now evaluate ideas to determine their feasibility over the coming months.

City Council committed $2.4 million for projects suggested by the community. A steering committee appointed by council created the rules in partnership with the Budget and Management Services Department to ensure the process is inclusive and meets local needs.

Ideas were submitted through public meetings, online tools, and resident discussions. Through April, staff and volunteers, called budget delegates, will evaluate the ideas to determine feasibility, need, and impact.

The City received more than 450 ideas for this initial effort. Volunteers have attended more than 50 community events, 10 festivals, and 30 community meetings engaging more than 2,000 residents since November 1.

Durham residents submitted a wide array of ideas. The most supported ideas included:

The proposal development phase will run through April 2019. The remaining projects will then be placed on a ballot for a public vote in May.

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