Front Porch Parade (June20) + Top 10

Front Porch Parade (June20) + Top 10

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Hi Alexis --

Here's a roundup of important information for this week. Please share with your friends and community members- you never know who might need it. As always, let us know if you have any questions.  

Wishing you health and happiness! 

Durham Community Engagement Team

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This Week’s Top 10 

  1. Summer Meals Program 
  2. COVID-19 Questions 
  3. Where Can You Get Tested?
  4. Be Sure to Answer the Call (NC OUTREACH)
  5. Sign up for Duke Community Health Watch  
  6. Check out Durham's State of the County Health (Annual Report)
  7. Prepare you Family Disaster Plan 
  8. Hurricane Preparation for Kids
  9. Latino Credit Union: Solidarity Loan
  10. Faith Leaders & 2020 Census 

Plus, Juneteenth Celebration Parade & In case you missed it...

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1. Summer Meals Program

DPS School Nutrition Services Summer Meals Program for children kicks-off today. All children in Durham County, up to age 18, are eligible. READ MORE:


2. COVID-19 Questions 

  • Who can get tested?  
  • How does testing work?  

Get all your COVID-19 questions answered here:

3. Know Where Can You Get Tested

Need COVID-19 testing? There are 3 easy ways to find testing locations near you 


4. Be Sure to Answer the Call (NC OUTREACH)

Answer the Call if your caller ID says NC OUTREACH (844-628-7223) or is from your local health department. Our COVID-19 Community Team is calling to help you protect yourself and your loved ones. Your information is a private health record and will not be shared.

5. Sign up for Duke Community Health Watch  

Duke Community Health Watch is a program that helps individuals monitor COVID-19 symptoms at home, in order to improve health outcomes during this pandemic. And it's open to everyone! Find more information: website http:/ / phone 919-684-7979 / email [email protected].


6. Check out Durham's State of the County Health (Annual Report)

This report is an update on data from the 2017 Durham County Community Health Assessment (CHA) and the County’s top five health priorities– affordable housing, access to healthcare and health insurance, poverty, mental health and obesity, diabetes and food access. Its purpose is to provide the community with information on the health of its residents and to assist with grant writing, local policies, budgets and programs.



7. Prepare Your Family Disaster Plan 

Before a hurricane is heading your way, develop a family disaster plan. Use this template from the American Red Cross to create your plan of action and identify responsibilities for each member of your household. Download the family disaster plan template here >>

8. Hurricane Preparation for Kids 

Preparing for hurricane season isn't just for adults, kids need to be prepared too. The CDC Emergency's Hurricane Preparedness Workbook which is full of activities and tips to ensure your whole family is prepared.


10. Latino Credit Union: Solidarity Loan 

Have you lost your income due to COVID-19? With a very low rate and an easy application process, Solidarity Loan is here to support you. Need established membership with Latino CU on or before March 15, 2020.


10. Faith Leaders & 2020 Census 

Faith Leaders ask their communities to respond to the 2020 Census

Don't forget to take the Census!

Juneteenth Celebration Parade 

Saturday, June 20, 2020

  • 10:30am Line Up, 11am Parade
  • Start & Finish: 414 E. Main Street

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In case you missed it... 

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Durham Community Engagement Team

Neighborhood Improvement Services Department 

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