February 2019 Neighbor Spotlight Tony Simpson

February 2019 Neighbor Spotlight Tony Simpson

What is the name of your neighborhood?

The North Street neighborhood and I live in the Corner House. It’s a big delight!

How long have you lived in your neighborhood?

2 years and I love everything about it. EVERYTHING.

Tell us about your neighborhood.

It is a wonderful, delightful neighborhood. The people are so fantastic and friendly. The Wilson’s, Sloan, Lee, Cyril, Sandy- I have so many super great friends here and it makes North Street big time! We go to the grocery store and share a lot of meals and it is wonderful. We go to Bingo on Tuesdays and have a very big time winning prizes (including a wooden Santa). All of my neighbors are super great people, including my very best friend David Ginyard. We’ve been friends a long time and communicate well. The gardens are very beautiful but the sugar snap peas died this year because of the cold weather.  I love giving tours to our guests- to show off the Corner House, how great it is and the people that live here. It makes me very very happy! I go to greet people and it makes their day and my day beautiful!

What successes have your neighborhood and community had?

Our people make a big difference in the world. We get to work with our neighbor Sandy and the carrots in our garden are growing like wild fire. The community is thriving. People have helped me. When I needed a cabinet for my room, my neighbors the Papichek’s gave it to me and I still fall in love with it every time I walk in my room. Oh it’s big time! My friends are doing very well and look marvelous. Quinn and Derek are living together and Derek’s doing very well. Lee and Sloan are friends of mine and it’s made a big difference. It always makes a big difference! The people in this area are the greatest and I love them all very much! I feel very very happy and they make my day much brighter and easier!

What are some concerns that you still have in your neighborhood?

I think about Margot a lot. I want to make sure we see Pierce Freelon and that North Street is connected to North Star. The people in the apartments across the street are our friends now. It’s $1400 a month for them though and I said “oh no, don’t even think about it”. I want them to be here, be my friends forever and all of us to come together and look fantastic as friends. I met another friend down Geer Street and it made a big difference. I just want us all to be friends for a double long time. They are working people and we want them to be our friends. We think of them!

What advice would you give to other community members?

I wish them a lot of happiness and love! That they would come to see us and that we get to see them. I want them to come to the Reality café and see the people that make us happy. Big time advice- eat meals together, it makes you happy and closer. Make sure to invite people to visit, they make a big difference! It makes connections just right.

Do you have any upcoming opportunities for other people to get involved?

Come see us, friends! We think of you always. It makes is a happy, beautiful place. We need to invite you over more often!

Come help in the gardens, dine at the Reality café, join us for prayer in the chapel and invite your friends to stay a night with us in our guest bedroom. It makes a difference in a good way when you come and spend time with us! We’ve had refugees stay with us and we love every single guest that come. We want our guests to come from different countries. They bring us happiness in a good way!

Final thought: I love to see people survive like me and to for them to see the world’s greatest neighborhood. To see our neighborhood and have a beautiful day! It makes me proud. I want them to be proud like us too! They are a family to us in a very special way! Seeing each other makes a difference in a good way. I think their good ways are thank you. We thank them and they thank us!

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  • Avery Bond
    commented 2019-02-26 12:59:07 -0500
    “Big time advice- eat meals together, it makes you happy and closer.” Yes Tony! You’re a big time delight!