Durham Recognizes Fullsteam Brewery as New Stormwater STAR Business

Durham Recognizes Fullsteam Brewery as New Stormwater STAR Business

A local brewery has just received recognition for setting an example of environmental stewardship in the area of water pollution prevention. 

The Stormwater and GIS Services Division within the City of Durham Public Works Department has recognized Fullsteam Brewery for completing a year-long program to become certified as a Stormwater STAR business.

The Stormwater STAR recognition program began in 2014 as a way for businesses to show off the good things they are doing to protect creeks, rivers, and lakes in Durham. Everyday tasks like picking up litter, checking outside storage bins, and proper disposal of everything from grease to mop water help prevent storm drain pollution. There are currently six certified Stormwater STARs representing a variety of business sectors.

Since beer is 90-to-95 percent water, breweries have a strong interest in protecting water supplies. Fullsteam became a Stormwater STAR by first answering questions about their current pollution prevention practices. The business then went through stormwater pollution prevention training with City staff and set and achieved pollution prevention goals.

According to Emily Rhode, pollution prevention coordinator with the City’s Public Works Department Stormwater and GIS Services Division, Fullsteam has taken steps to educate staff about proper spill prevention and cleanup practices and frequently cleans storm drains around their facility. “Our STAR businesses have made protecting Durham’s creeks and streams a priority,” Rhode said. “They want to show the community that being good stewards of our environment is simple and makes good business sense.”

To see a full list of businesses in the STAR program or to learn more about STAR businesses in Durham, visit the STAR business recognition website. Businesses that are interested in joining are encouraged to fill out an online registration form or contact Rhode at (919) 560-4326 ext. 30295 or by email.


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