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Congratulations PAC3 Neighbors and winners in the PAC3 NNO 2017 Giveaway!

Congratulations PAC3 Neighbors and winners in the PAC3 NNO 2017 Giveaway!


National Night Out is an opportunity for PAC3 and its neighborhoods to promote community partnerships, crime prevention, and neighborhood camaraderie. The goal of the annual NNO Giveaway is to promote District3 neighborhood participation in the citywide "NNO" campaign and to encourage neighborhoods to host a “National Night Out” get together.  

This year’s giveaway package included a NNO Sam's Club sheet cake, Block Captain's Handbook, and crime prevention materials.
The PAC3 2017 NNO Giveaway winners are:

Kim Howard, West End Neighborhood
Kenneth Macdonald, Morehead Hill Neighborhood Assoc.
Gorav Sangal, Chancellor's Ridge
Mindie Solie, Forest Hills
Marcella Jones, JJ Henderson Housing Assoc.
Ethel Simonetti, Vesson Av Neighbors
Rita Vanags,Five Oaks
Mike Mayo, Falconbridge Alliance
Carol Baldwin, Buck Crossing
Hazeline Umstead, Lyon Park Neighborhood Assoc.
Debbie Lidowski, Hope Valley North (HVNN)
Karen Prus, Welcome Circle Neighborhood

About PAC3:Partners Against Crime, District 3 -  is much more than our name implies; We strive to educate and provide our neighborhoods in District 3 with the tools and venue necessary to promote a stronger, safer community, and higher quality of life. Learn more at:


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