Citizenship and Government Summer Camp Tour

Citizenship and Government Summer Camp Tour

The City of Durham’s Parks and Recreation Director, Rhonda B. Parker, helped kick-off the City Hall on the Go Summer Tour.  The kick-off was held at the Walltown Recreation Center located at 1200 West Club Blvd.  Ms. Parker spoke about her journey that led to her position as the City’s Parks and Recreation Director. Campers were able to ask questions about her experiences.

Director Parker encouraged campers to find something they are passionate about and not to let fear hold them back.   She also told campers’ that even if you fail, it doesn’t mean you will continue to fail, keep on trying and believe in yourself.  




Office Curtis Knight talking with Weaver Street campers about  his experiences as Durham City Officer and what inspired him to become an officer.


Ralphele Reels, a Zoning Enforcement Officer with the Planning Department, shared exciting stories with over 40 students at Holton about his work in Durham City Government for over 30 years.  He emphasized the  importance of each role in local government towards a functional and safe city and why community service is critical and has been so meaningful in his life.


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