On July 18, 2012, Partnership for a Healthier America Honorary Chair First Lady Michelle Obama announced an incredible opportunity to turn our nation's streets into play spaces, and bring physical activity back into the lives of children across the country. 

Play Streets close neighborhood streets to traffic, and open that space to the community to encourage physical activity.  They offer a high-impact approach to encouraging and increasing physical activity, particularly in neighborhoods that lack sufficient open space and activity.  

Over the past three years, the Community Engagement Division has worked with neighborhoods to incorporate physical activity into the community culture through Bull City Play Streets.  These events promote health, wellness and fitness for residents.

Funding Opportunities

There are opportunities available on a first come first serve basis to assist with a Play Street event in individual neighborhoods and communities.  For more information on Bull City Play Streets, call Neighborhood Improvement Services at 919-560-1647 or contact Pamela Pagan at [email protected].

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